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Agatha Schooler
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by Marisol Pardillo on Agatha Schooler
Excellent once again!

So it's been 3 years since our last evaluation, and since then we bought a home and had another baby! We called upon Agatha once again to help us with her new services, Space and Energy Clearings. We discovered several problem areas in our new house where we were "stuck" and was affecting the energy in our lives. We learned from Agatha that our environment affects the energy in our home, so if there is water running underneath the house, it can affect how we react to that energy.

The whole process was very enlightening! The good news was the Agatha was able to clear a lot of the adverse energy in our home, and was able to clear our path for new opportunities and a more peaceful home. Since then our business has greatly improved, and our children are MUCH MORE calm when at home. We have finally found a peaceful balance where there is less chaos and more time enjoying each other.

Thank you Agatha for always coming to our rescue. Our new house finally feels like home and we love being here.

We highly recommend Agatha! She is a pleasure to work with with and has truly made an impact in our lives!

by The Pardillos on Agatha Schooler
Highly Recommended! Changed our lives...

We contacted Agatha about performing an evaluation in our home. We have a one year old in the house, so we felt that our lives and home had been taken over. Agatha confirmed that our suspicions were correct! She gave us wonderful suggestions to reclaim areas of our home that should be just for "adults" and then playful areas "just for kids". Although it seems common sense, in Key West homes are small, so you are required to be creative when it comes to spaces. Agatha helped us find the clutter and brought to our attention the things that we really needed versus things that may not be necessary, freeing up our home with space for good energy to enter. At the very least, our more organized home makes us feel more relaxed and creative. This is especially useful since we run a home based business.

Agatha's simple techniques and recommendations have made an incredible impact in our lives. She is professional, kind and has an amazingly calming demeanor which makes the whole process stress free.

We look forward to bringing Agatha along when we purchase our first home here. Her insight will be invaluable!

Thank you Agatha for a wonderful consultation. Even though our focus was health related, when we cleaned up the area of our home related to fame and money, we got 3 new phone calls from clients. It may have been coincidence, but I believe it had a lot to do with you.

Thanks Again!

Sol, George, Syana & Marley

by Dennis Salvatier on Agatha Schooler
We highly recommend Agatha Schooler! (Skype Evaluation)

Not only were my wife and I pleased with our session with Agatha, but we're true believers in the science of this art form. After telling Agatha about our story and what we wish to do and accomplish in the near future, she created a plan for us, and following that plan has already earned us positive results. Not only is Agatha talented and knowledgeable, but she has a soft spoken demeanor and patience that will benefit anyone that chooses to learn from her. We highly recommend Agatha Schooler and will continue to seek her advice for years to come.

by Angela Moss on Agatha Schooler
Comfortable, accepting, full of opportunities

…your evaluation for me was comfortable, accepting, full of opportunities, learning, and choices. The result was a feeling of possibilities, peace and harmony.

by Rosemary, fellow Feng Shui Practitioner on Agatha Schooler
Insightful and helpful

… the word that comes to mind is INTUITIVE. You are such a natural and very intuitive Feng Shui practitioner… insightful and helpful.

by Ashley Hoyt on Agatha Schooler
Balance of creativity and intuition

….your working style is a balance of creativity and intuition….and an attention to detail! You can see your mind working as you get into a flow and it’s fun to watch where you end up with it.

by Kim Romano on Agatha Schooler
Calm, creative solutions to your life/space problems

Personalized. Calm, creative solutions to your life/space problems. Thoughtful. Profound awareness of how you see your world and your life as reflected in belongings...and how to make subtle changes to enrich your life.